Ups and downs of a marketing guy and Dexter S06E11

Dear reader,
I have woefully neglected you this week and for that I apologize. It has been a week frought with change and opportunity work-wise. My organization is being completely re-shuffled and everyone is understandably is complete incertitude. I had four executive-level reviews that swallowed my brain cells. I batted about 75%. The first one was a competitive review for R&D which went quite well. The second was stickier due to the political nature of the subject and the audience of 11 VPs and the CMO, but there too, things went well. So well, in fact, that before I spoke in meeting number three, the CEO said that number two was one of the most important and successful meeting in recent times at the company. Holy cow! The third presentation was short – only 10 minutes – in front of the most powerful people of the company including most of the board, and there too, I pulled a hat trick. Then came number four. You know how sometimes no matter how prepared you are, there are some folks in power that derive their sole pleasure in sending you away empty-handed despite the quality and depth of your material? Well, that is what happened much to my dismay. Oh well, I’ll take 3 out of 4 anyway. Its like that old Hold ‘Em game I talked about a ways back, impossible that a winning streak goes over three. That being said, the three previous meeting were probably more crucial both to the business and to my own psyche so I can rationalize the fourth one a bit,

That got me thinking about paranoia. I get the impression that I am often too paranoid (evidenced by my extreme nervousness before the first three meetings unjustified given the positive outcome) and sometimes not sufficiently paranoid (the current reorg and meeting for which I was perhaps too confident). How does one strike a balance? Hard to say. The corporate world is truly a jungle with rules that are constantly changing and I suppose that one must just try to pick the good waves and hope no coral scrags crop up in the undertow and rip you to shreds.

Quick Dexter note: S06E11 was pretty good but I fear a cheesy finale now. OK, I won’t spoil it until after E12! Now for some Boardwalk Empire and maybe a Treme!


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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