TV Series: Boardwalk Empire S02

This series just keeps getting better. The character development was great (despite the assassination of a critical one in E12) and the story lines were interesting and tended to keep me waiting for the next one. I especially liked the Philly Butcher, Manny Horowicz character – so dark and evil and yet pathetic too. Richard continued to be intriguing and astoundingly well-acted – the scene where he contemplates suicide in the woods was unforgettable and just plain extraordinary television. Nucky, of course, brushes against death and prison (in that order) and gets off scot free – not so for others such as Tom and Jimmy. The death of Jimmy’s wife and lover was a bit predictable, it is true, but it was well shot. The flashback episode featuring the incest between Jimmy and his mother was well-written and certainly explained a lot about their relationship, Jimmy’s past, and his character. But, overall, it was that last episode that really packed a mega-punch. I won’t spoil it for you, but there is definitely a surprise ending. Clearly, this is one of the great current TV series that for a dramatic theme, I’d rank alongside Treme – both having run two seasons and improved with age.


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4 Responses to TV Series: Boardwalk Empire S02

  1. Juan says:

    Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire was amazing, I don’t think there is anything they could change to make it better. I felt uncomfortable watching the scene of Jimmy and his mother, but it helped explain a lot about Jimmy, about who he was and who he became. (First season they always talked about how Jimmy used to be, and since the beginning of S1 we saw a kid trying to play gangster)

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      I agree, it is truly great television. I concur with another friend that Jimmy should have stopped the assassination attempt against Nucky and for that he paid the supreme price. It remains to be seen how long Nuck’s brother will live in S03!

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