TV Series: Dexter S06 – another sucking sound

DDK is pissed - but he is still a loser

Well, that was disappointing! A whole season leading up to such a lame-ass ending. Sheesh. The long-awaited Dexter S06 finale was certainly one of the weakest episodes of the season that killed of two of the most interesting characters Gellar and Brother Sam en route. The best episode for me was when Dex goes to Nebraska after Trinity’s son. After that, it was more or less downhill. I was truly happy to see Travis finally get wasted because he had become one of the series most annoying serial killers. It was like having and evil Tim Tebow the whole time. Some of the worse things about E12:

  • The admission by Deb of her pseudo-incentuous love for Dex. It was so patently obvious that this would happen since E09 but her awkwardness in this episode was embarrassing and the shrink’s reaction to the final confession was a bit bizarre. All in all, I thought it was a lame subplot
  • The HAND and the disappearance of Mitsuko’s intern. Perhaps this guy will be back as a Dexter copycat killer but the acting of Louis character was poor and the storyline of the stolen hand seems to have gone a bit awry with DDK stumbling upon it. Good riddance – unless as I mentioned, he will be back next year
  • Unlikeliness – like how realistic is it that Dex would leave his kid alone with the babysitter knowing DDK was still alive and had his wallet and keys. And, thinking back to E11, it was ridiculous for him to survive explosion and fire and just simply swim away. Give me a break. As a friend said to me, major jumping the shark here! And as that same friend pointed out, how could Dex have chosen the church as a kill room knowing that Deb asked him to do a final sweep and be done with it. I don’t know, I had a hard time with my suspension of disbelief personally.

This was clearly not as good as S04 and probably the weakest Dex since S03. I hope that the last two installments will show a bit more creativity in the writing staff…


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