Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol

Well, to be honest, I never watched any of the other three MI movies so I have to go on m.poulet’s word that this one was better than MI II and III but not as good as MI I. The start of the film with the assassination of agent Hanaway in Budapest was good but the sappy sorrow of Jane Carter (played by the delicious Paula Patton) could have been avoided.  Then there is the escape from the prison in Russia that had a few humoristic moments but seemed to contradict the explanation at the end of the film where they seemed to say he was imprisoned in Serbia (or did I hear that wrong) for an unsanctioned hit on 6 Serbian nationals. The break-in of the Kremlin featured a fancy illusion-projecting iPad (one of dozens of Apple product placements – iPhone 4’s were everywhere) and was interesting but overshadowed by the bombing of the Kremlin. Why is it that all the bad guys steal nukes? And that we are still obsessed with the Russians? Anyway, from there the action hits its peak at the Burj Khalifa building in Dubaï. The acrobatics were great as Ethan Hunt scales the building almost bare handed. From there, the action was a bit downhill and it was disappointing that the mysterious blond killer Sabine Moreau was kicked out the open window so easily. I would have preferred the sandstorm to hit the building at that moment but instead, we have to wait for Tom to chase the bad guy through the streets – at first on foot and then in a stolen car – through the streets of the city until the bad guy – unmasked and actually as the “other” bad guy (didn’t really make sense) gets inevitably away (of course because there was still a good 45 minutes of film left!). The most ridiculous part of the film then takes place in Mumbai at a party with a ludicrous Indian megalomaniac getting seduced by Paula while the other good guys are working to reprogram the satellite. Predictably, there is a car chase and a foot race before Tom hits the stop button (and the other guys have the right codes) with seconds left before SF was supposed to go up in a ball of flames igniting WW III. The denouement in Seattle of the team and the truth-telling between Cruise and supposed-analyst Brandt was a bit disappointing too.

Overall, it was a decent action film with some humor, good effects, and loads of guy toys. The comaraderie of the team was OK although the “brit as comic relief” got a little old after a while. The look of Tom Cruise with his hoodie was not all that original as he resembled a monk or video game character. So, I’d give it a 2.8 out of 5 personally.


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