No, not me...

I had an amazing Ayurvedic massage today. To be honest, I really needed it. With Christmas break upon me and the kids coming back home tomorrow and in the middle of a particularly chaotic re-org where I work, I needed a relaxation booster shot. Ayurvedic massage is so relaxing and yet so varied. This time around I was on a table (typically I am on a mattress on the floor) and the unusual bit was that she started on my front side rather than my back. It soooooo nice to have hot oil rubbed all over – you feel like a vaseline ad once it is over – and the warm hands kneading those tender muscles…I almost forgot about work. Almost. The thing is that my mind tries hard to stop thinking but then reboots rather often – kind of like a Windows computer actually. Sometimes, I am able to completely let go. This time, that void escaped me except for maybe five or ten minutes before the end. And since there was almost no one there at Uma (the yoga/massage/gyro-tonic center I go to), I was able to rest another five minutes or so to enjoy the afterglow. I know, hard to imagine Fino not jumping up, throwing back on his clothes, and checking his iPhone 4S for messages, right? But really, it was THAT relaxing.

OK, that said, now time for some sleep 🙂


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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