My Year in Blogging, part 2

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After a little insisting on the wordpress support site (thanks again guys!), they agreed to build me a nice blog summary page here. For those that are curious about the postaday2011 challenge, they have a nice page about it with loads of blogging tips. They also asked a slew of questions about the blogging experience so here is what I’d like to answer them:

  1. Why did you start the Post a Day/Week Challenge?
    FINO: I wanted to be a more consistent blogger – I read somewhere that if you don’t blog daily you’ll never do it and over the previous few years this had borne true. I also wanted to improve my writing skills.
  2. Describe the state of your blog at the time you started the challenge.
    FINO: It was interesting at times, but inconsistent and the posts were infrequent.
  3. How did your blog evolve over the course of the challenge?
    FINO: I think my writing skills improved and I certainly became more consistent.  
  4. Did you post as often as you had hoped? Why or why not?
    FINO: Yes, although I would have been more happy to have made 300 rather than 291. I had lots of interference (kids, work, etc) that also served as hindrance. The other inhibitor was drying up on topics from time to time. It is actually really hard work to come up with something hopefully interesting to say by writing EVERY SINGLE DAY. As hard as I expected and perhaps even a little more so.
  5. What type of blogging strategy works best for you?
    FINO: I try not to pressure myself too much and write about things that I think about in the car or during the day. Sometimes, it involves working through an idea or concept. Sometimes exploring a band a bit more than I had before. Often, it was describing what I liked or didn’t like in a TV program or series or a movie. I suppose that the “strategy” per se was to write something that I would find interesting to read myself. If my writing bored even me, I’d delete the post and wait a day.
  6. If you could go back to the beginning, what would you do differently?
    FINO: I am not sure that I’d be able to do much differently given the time constraints of work and fatherhood, but I would certainly have read more fellow bloggers and been a more consistent commenter on their blogs.
  7. What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?
    FINO: Having kept the challenge up to the end albeit with about 74 days of hiatus scattered here and there. But especially, to have continued writing despite all the constraints for those 291 posts. 
  8. Name 3 great blogs you discovered through the challenge.
    FINO: My favorite one was: which I found insightful and hilarious. always had fantastic photos and great comments. I also liked for his perspective on living on the other side of the world in Hong Kong although he seemed to have fallen off the planet after this October. You still out there?
  9. What surprised you about the challenge?
    FINO: The early enthusiasm that folks expressed when it started but the lack of a “blogging buddy” to encourage me. It seems that the wordpress folks kicked off that particular idea – which I liked – but that it didn’t quite stick and for whatever reason, I never was invited to encourage a fellow blogger. In fact, early on I did try to read other blogs but then got bogged down in life and work and my own posts and gave up on all but a few other blogs. I know, not very social but there you have it.
  10. What advice would you give to others who want to blog regularly?
    FINO: If you don’t make it a regular habit, it will rest sporadic and eventually will disappear from your life. Before the challenge, I had nearly given up entirely and  postaday2011 really did get me back in the thick of it. That being said, as I already mentioned, finding topics is HARD, so perhaps going to a weekly rhythm would be less frustrating and yet rewarding at the same time. Also, if you can’t just come up with a topic, write about something you read, or saw, or heard – that served me as a good catalyst throughout the year.
  11. What are your blogging goals for 2012?
    FINO: My goal is to continue improving my writing skills but to put less pressure on myself to post every single day. If I think of something interesting to write about, I’ll do it. If I can hit 300 posts without it stressing me out, I’ll feel really successful in 2012. 

So, there you have it, one year in blogging re-summarized and analyzed. Now on to 2012. Oops, I’ll need to post about the 2011 NSFCCDP movies and perhaps rate my favorite TV shows. I’ll get to that over the next couple of days…
Last, but not least THANK YOU my readers for your encouragement and your patience with reading my posts. Once again, Best Wishes for 2012!


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