NSFCCDP Movie Roundup and My Favorite TV Series in 2011

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It was not a stellar year for science fiction. The Nerd Science Fiction Cinema Club of Paris convened for what little there was to offer: Green Hornet (we boycotted Green Lantern as it was reputably really, really bad rather than pathetically lame like Green Hornet), True Grit (there was NO SciFi available until April not counting the aforementioned Green Lantern and this was a great Cohen brothers movie anyway), Sucker Punch (blew chunks), X-Men: First Class (it was OK although I didn’t see any of the previous X-Men flicks), Harry Potter VII Part2 (disappointing as well),  Cowboys and Aliens (not bad but super lame ending), and ending with Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol (not SciFi either proving my point that the field was particularly barren this year – and this one sucked other than the Burj Khalifa sequence).

Next year holds promise: Batman: The Dark Knight, Prometheus, Star Wars I in 3D, and The Hobbit…so I hope that 2012 will be a little more positive on the SciFi front.

As for TV Series, I caught up on Weeds, Justified, Dexter, Treme, and Boardwalk Empire. I think that I’d rate them all about equal in terms of interest other than Dexter S06 which I thought was lame. My latest discovery was Sons of Anarchy for which I am in the third season now, trying to catch up before Season 5 starts in mid-February. I think the one that stands out in terms of writing, film work, and consistent quality over its four seasons is Breaking Bad. I am on pins and needles to see what happens with the now murderous Walt and somewhat rehabilitated Jesse in the absence of Gus. This is supposed to be the last season in 2012 so I am really looking forward to see how they close it out. Walt on Breaking Bad is definitely my favorite protagonist. Boyd Crowder from Justified has to be my favorite bad guy. In terms of soundtracks, Treme wins out followed closely behind by Sons of Anarchy. Photography-wise, Breaking Bad again was excellent as was the incredible realism of Boardwalk Empire. The funniest was clearly Weeds. My greatest disappointment was Dexter S06 but also the fact that there was no Mad Men S05 this year. It all starts again really soon on 17 January with S03 of Justified and in February with S05 of Sons of Anarchy. Let’s see how 2012 works out.

Any other series that I should have watched? I tried Parks and Recreation but couldn’t deal with the obvious borrowing of ideas from The Office which itself I found pale in comparison to the BBC original series. I also tried Shameless but found it too bleak for me and Burn Notice but found it too obvious and lame despite its advantage of being really filmed in Miami unlike Dexter. Well, I am all ears for other suggestions.

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4 Responses to NSFCCDP Movie Roundup and My Favorite TV Series in 2011

  1. Any other series that I should have watched ? Without any doubt, there is one: Homeland. The first season was aired just after Dexter. It is excellent, pretty addictive, the story is really good and the acting is even better ! You definitely should watch it.
    I also tried another new serie: American Horror Story. It is NOT worth watching it ! The 3 first episodes are good, the 4th and 5th are not bad and the following ones are more and more lame. The synopsis is interesting, the cast is good but the authors gave everything for the begining of the show and then they seriously lacked of imagination !

  2. Ed M. says:

    “Super 8” and “Limitless” were probably my favorite sci-fi films in an admittedly weak year.

    Two TV series that I really like are “Fringe” and “Chuck”. Both have high nerd appeal.

  3. yaykisspurr says:

    Justified is great, hasn’t lost ground yet and a new season is starting soon.

    I’ve enjoyed Persons of Interest so far as well.


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