Sons of Anarchy: White Lies and Black Lies


I am about halfway through S04 of SOA now and wanted to comment on their treatment of race. It is a complex issue with the Sons in fact. We learn in S04 from Roosevelt’s framing of Juice that the Sons have a “No Black Members” clause that was instated at the creation of the MC. Juice has hidden his black origins from the MC and this is the leverage that the new police chief is using to manipulate Juice to some disastrous extremes. This strikes me as unite ironic given that the Sons have been open to alliances with Brown (the Mayans) and Black (The One-Niners). That being said, there are often racial slurs used (back in S02 when Opie wants to kill the “n*****s” that he thought had killed Donna and several other occasions). Racism in the US has always be a complicated issue. Myself, growing up in the south, had a bit of an inracinated racism which I often see how my father expresses himself about that community. However, I was lucky enough to have a black girlfriend at University that served to open my eyes to my own prejudices and that relationship kicked off personal work on eliminating them. Problem is, there is always some residue – it is almost as deep as nicotine addiction. No, I don’t make racial jokes or slurs, but I do feel more nervous in, say, black neighborhoods, although that is entirely irrational. One would like to believe that Jax is not racist – or perhaps they just don’t show him in that light. Clay is, of course, only motivated by money and power so the people of color he interacts with are just means to an end. Chibs tells Juice that the “no black” rule is absurd but that without rules, the club falls apart so he also toes the line. The treatment of the issue is as complex as the issue itself and serves as an interesting undercurrent in the series. I especially appreciated the forlorn and appropriate way that the “Strange Fruit” cover by The Forest Rangers ended the tragic E07 episode.

In the Sons, Juice makes some difficult choices in fear of being outed. The theme of double lives and lies in general pervades S04 (and the rest of the seasons as well) as Clay weaves yet more deadly webs of deceit and Jax tries, unsuccessfully, to keep the Son’s involvement with the Cartel hidden from Tara. When Opie discovers that his wife has been using birth control – and even had an abortion behind his back, that drives a nail in the coffin of their month-old marriage. [NOTE: One notices that FOX has some editorial sway over their shows with this not-so-subtle anti-abortion message]. Is honesty the best policy? I suppose I’ll have to see how Season 4 winds up over the last five episodes, but, not unlike racism, honesty too can be quite a minefield.


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2 Responses to Sons of Anarchy: White Lies and Black Lies

  1. yaykisspurr says:

    You know I watched this show for most of season two (I believe it was that season anyway). I liked it though I found some of the character choices really questionable. I started watching it for the talent. I stopped watching it because the brutality really stressed out my household. I could have pushed the issue and watched when I could catch a minute but the brutality was overboard even for me. I decided to choose my tv show battles.

    That being said I kind of regret it. You make a really compelling case why this show is…well, compelling! I always liked the struggle between Clay and Jax. It really reminds me of many relationships we all have but on a less extreme basis. I do enjoy how FX takes a topic and their writers really explore a lot of aspects of it for their shows. This racial issue is the perfect example.

    I really adore Justified, also an FX tv show. It’s slightly less brutal (at least compared to the of SoA season I watched) and I find the two mains slightly more charismatic at least for me.


    • mfinocchiaro says:

      Thanks. It is kind brutal but I like the writing of Kurt Sutter and the music too.
      I reviewed Justified S01 on 12 Nov and S02 on 2 Dec. It is a great show too, you are completely right.

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