More musings on Sons of Anarchy

Something about Sons of Anarchy just keeps on the forefront of my mind. The series definitely benefits from great writing and a reasonably complex collection of story lines.  I got to thinking about some of the plot twists in S04 [SPOILER WARNING] and think that perhaps the intervention of the CIA was a bit of a stretch. Also, keeping Clay alive is maybe unfortunate as well. Perhaps Ron Perlman’s contract hadn’t run out so they need him to stay on the crew, but seeing Jax run SAMCRO without Clay around would have been interesting. It is also unfortunately that the Lincoln Potter character is gone. He was such an oddball and it was refreshing to see his many quirks every time we saw him. I am also not sure Juice’s many waverings would have gotten him killed but as I like the character, I suppose I am happy that we’ll be seeing him in S05.

It is hard to understand the motivations of Unser in particular. We can’t tell if he is loyal to Clay (definitely not at the end) or Gemma and this does add a certain depth to his character. Gemma herself makes for great TV as she defends her family while at the same time hiding certain parts of her own bloody past.

I forgot to mention how I appreciated the comparison of Jax with Tara standing behind him with the old photo of John Teller and Gemma. OK, so perhaps it was a little corny but I thought it was an interesting idea. As I said yesterday, it remains to be seen if he will be a better MC President – and a longer-living one at that – than his father. As for Otto, played to perfection by Kurt Sutter himself, I loved the King Lear-like situation with his blindness and ultimate betrayal of the MC. Speaking of Shakespeare, is it me or is the pointy goatee of Jax more and more Elizabethan as the seasons wear on?

Last little note, did anyone else notice the subtle change in the title credits where in S03 and S04 we see the jail door after the shotgun? The touch of changing the theme song to have an Irish feel to it while SAMCRO was in Ireland was also interesting if previously unmentioned here on my blog.

OK, off to bed for me. Thanks for reading 🙂


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