TV Series: Homeland S01 – Interesting Twists at the end

Super Agent Claire Daines


I just finished S01 of the Showtime war-against-terror series Homeland. I talked about the first five episodes a few days ago and wanted to give some insight into the rest of the season. Actually, there was a bit of a lull in the middle of the show and then it picked up at the end. The part where Carrie really loses it in E12 was very well-acted by Claire Daines. The relationship between her and Saul also drives the show along. The villains here, both Estes and the Vice President, are the typical cynical, sinister types that we see in these kinds of shows. I am not sure the twist at the end would have cut the mustard at FX, so it is fortunate that this was purchased by Showtime instead. As for the plot, it was relatively believable – with some moments that were a bit too far-fetched – but I think that the concluding E13 did have some interesting ideas. I feel this show is a definite improvement on what I found to be abysmal in 24, but still has not made the same impression on me as Sons of Anarchy or some of the others I have recently reviewed. I’d give kudos to Claire for her acting and to Saul for his supporting role but was never quite convinced by the Brody character – he seemed so incredibly pathetic in E13 when he should have been made of steel. I know, that’s part of the point but it was quite a break in character for him. The scene with the wallpaper in E12 and the very last scene of Carrie putting the final piece in the puzzle before undergoing electro-shock was good albeit a bit predictable. I guess that is the fatal flaw of shows like this, in trying to be so new and innovative, they fall into the same plot traps and characterizations that make them a bit pedantic in a way. Well, we’ll see what happens in Season 2 later this year.

In the meantime, someone put me on to Lights Out (cancelled by FX unfortunately) and Rescue Me (now in S05 or S06 I believe), so I’ll be filling your browser windows with reviews on those later.


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2 Responses to TV Series: Homeland S01 – Interesting Twists at the end

  1. I’ll be curious to see how you feel about Lights Out. I found it schmaltzy/annoying. loved homeland, though.

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