A sort of homecoming, Part 2


It’s funny, but in all the years I spent growing up in Miami, I never saw the sunrise over the beach. Having woken up this morning at 5am due to jetlag, I decided to correct that injustice. My mom was up so she kindly made me a cup of coffee and I was on my way up from Redlands via Chrome, Eureka, the Turnpike, the 826, the 836, and finally the Rickenbacker Causeway to South Beach. As I was passing next to the massive cruises ships in the Port of Miami on my left, traffic slowed down to a crawl. Accident? No, it was a warmup for the Miami Marathon. I felt a slight depressing longing for running again, hoping my knee will heal so that one day, I can run marathons again. I felt at the same time excited and happy for those brave souls that were about to embark on what was for me in Paris in 2010, one of the most mentally intense and rewarding experiences that I have endured. The downside to the traffic was that I missed the official sunrise time of 7h06 by about 15 minutes, but easily found parking on Ocean Drive, slipped off my shoes, and headed for the turquoise water which had a beautiful orange carpet laid out to the horizon by the wakening sun. After dipping my feet in the cool water, I sat facing the whispering surf to take in the breeze and think. My mind was racing with thoughts of back home where I left the wife and kids, work where I am still in limbo, and the immediate moment where I had hoped to find some internal peace. It occured to me that oceanside is a good place to think, but that it wasn’t sufficient to clear my mind completely. I walked a bit on the beach and then returned to Ocean to have breakfast at the News Cafe from which I am wiring this rambling post. For me, writing seems to be a more effective placebo against my inner turmoil than simply looking at the water. Fortunately, the News has free wifi so the geeky stress of “not being connected” was relieved. Well, my huevos rancheros have arrived so I am gonna close this post here. Bon appetit!



About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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One Response to A sort of homecoming, Part 2

  1. Keith says:

    You should share your musing on the topic of coffee and cigarettes as they are different on two continents and how they relate to inner turmoil.

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