TV Series: Bored To Death S02

Bored To Death S02

In Season 2, this series took a quantum leap in terms of humor and writing. While S01 had some funny lines and subtext, S02 took it to another level with Super Ray and the third rail and the bonding of Jon, Ray, and George into a goofy marijuana-inspired bungling group. Jon is becoming a real detective and yet unable to hold anything resembling a relationship together for more than an episode or two. Ray is still a hopeless loser but somehow his dick fantasies evolve into a highly profitable (and dangerous as it turns out) endeavor. The Ted Danson character is simply fantastic with his non-stop hesitations and philandering and the hilarious caner episode kept my sides aching throughout the season. The story lines also tightened up. It was really fun to watch these three boobs fight crime together. I think they are exaggerated mirrors for us in the audience and make one long for friendships as the ones that they demonstrate. One of the more powerful things in this series is the switching – almost unconsciously – between the absurd comedy and pathos. Jon is always fighting his insecurities, Ray is trying to be father, pothead, cartoonist, and “not a loser”, and George is dealing with aging. It can be touching without actually becoming pathetic. Truly a great season leaving the viewer with the desire to see more.


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