TV Series: Bored To Death S03

Bored To Death S03

In its swan song, Bored To Death Season 3 bordered on perfection as a comedy/action series. I always appreciated the many romain noir and literary references in the show, but in S03, the bar was raised quite a bit. The theme of elderly love (Ray and his lover, George’s daughter and her fiancé) were nice (and hilarious) parallels that were drawn. The stories also bled into each other more as the friendship between George, Ray and Jon got even tighter. OK, so there was a strange incest thing going on at the end, but the comedy was huge. The cameo of the brother-in-law from United States of Tara as the war-games supplier to the boys was excellent, the chase scenes far more ambitious, and the Dick Cavett show had me rolling on the floor. Well, that and the Gang of Rays which was over the top in comedy. It is such a shame that HBO cancelled the show just as it was taking off and finding a bit of a groove. Check out Jonathan Ame’s interview here for more insight. And do check out the show – all three seasons are only 8 27-minute episodes so it is worth the tiny investment 🙂


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