News from Orlando: Behind the scenes


Dear reader,
I have once again hopelessly neglected you for nearly a week. I have a good excuse: giant sales conference in Orlando all week. That entails either loads of meetings and presentations or too much beer (or both?). Yet, the most important aspect is clearly networking. I was privileged to meeting loads of colleagues (many of the readers of this blog), and that makes it all worthwhile. My role in the conference for the last three days is both as a presenter and as an MC. It has been interesting to be on the other side of the desk so to speak and see how these sorts of conferences are organized and run. The control room in the plenary session auditorium was like mission control in Houston with screens and laptops everywhere, too cool! Of course, there is lots of messaging to motivate the sales and tech sales folks that is primarily hype, but I am starting to understand the importance of this in motivating large numbers of people. More importantly, I have a better appreciation for the enormous creative and organizational offort required to create something of this scale (>1200 people from >30 countries) and I have much more respect for the normally invisible folks that are working behind the scenes to make things happen.
In typical Fino fashion, I felt obliged to add my personal touch and throw a Tailgate party for my internal geek community. Originally, I had reserved a conference room but when they found out that I was bringing in a few innocent mini-kegs and 6-packs (my community is actually called the V6PAC), they drove me away into the parking lot. It turned out to be great because it was closer to a real Tailgate party outside by my car. I had about 60 folks out with me and we had a blast. I was worried that hotel security would give me a hard time but actually, the guy drove over at the end to thank me for cleaning up!
Give me another two or three days to get my life back to something ressembling normalcy so I can do my daily posts, ok?


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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