TV Series: Californication S01

Californication S01

I actually started watching Californication in mid-season of S01. During this trip, I watched S01 from the beginning and enjoyed it thoroughly. The plot lines are relatively simple – it is easy to surmise the different threads if you miss an episode – but yet has quite a bit of depth to it. Take Mia for example. She seems like a vengeful person because of Hank’s wife replacing her mother in the story. Yet, as I watched some of the episodes a second time, we see that she is actually driven by Hank’s rejection of her (albeit she is only 16). A lot of the characters have this sort of depth to them. Hank himself is a lecherous, alcoholic, depraved guy lost in LA and yet he is desperately and hopelessly in love with Karen and he tries soooo hard (with varying levels of success) to be a dad to Becca. The Charlie Runkle character had me in stitches as did the many dialogs between he and Hank about sex. There is a bit of a voyeuristic pleasure that is derived from the episodes but this is tempered by good scripts, great acting, and the varying decors of Venice and other parts of LA. I appreciate the fact that so much of it is filmed outside in that beautiful California sun. Even the somewhat predictable and romantic ending had its charms. Definitely want to see what is up in Season 2…


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