TV Series: Californication S02

Californication S02

OK, I kind of cheated in my post yesterday. I watched S02 a few months back but never reviewed it and never watched all of S01 to understand all of the various plot lines. As I mentioned in the previous post, the stories are easy to follow and the characters easy enough to fathom but the context is a little clearer now for me. In S02, the Runkle episodes (particularly the outstanding ousting of Charlie from the publishing company) had me in stitches. The Ashby subplot was really interesting as a zoom into the life of a rock-n-roll icon. Typical of Californication, there was plenty of drama and sex but nothing that really pushes over the edge of cheesy TV. Coke smurf Marcy certainly developed into an even more interesting character in this season. Becca is also fascinating to watch as she goes through her teens – not unlike Claire Fisher in Six Feet Under. I won’t spoil anything for potential viewers in these posts, just an encouragement that if you liked S01, S02 is more of the same with just a tad bit more depth and less optimism than the previous season.


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