TV Series: Random Notes on other shows

You have gathered that I have a few cult shows that I try to catch up on and follow: Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Californication, Justified and the like. There are also shows that folks tell me about and that I give a shot to. Here are some quick notes on some recent taste tests.

Lights Out

Lights Out: This boxing show only lasted one season on FX. I got through maybe three episodes before losing interest. Yes, the main character is interesting but the plot smells of Rocky III or something and some of the other minor character actors fall short. The difficulties of Light are a bit oppressive on the viewer (me at least) and I am not sure to finish out the season – especially knowing that it is a dead end.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead: I watched the premier of this zombie show when it came out two years ago. I made it through like half the episode before giving up. Someone insisted that I give it another chance, so I finished out that first episode but couldn’t bring myself to watching E02, needless to say S02. Perhaps a reader or two will re-insist on this one but for the moment, my viewing time is better spent elsewhere. I guess I am just not a big zombie movie fan – I will give them credit for one thing though: the makeup and spfx are pretty good – clearly they spent some money for this show. Too bad it is so deathly depressing.

Rescue Me

Rescue Me: I know this show is like in its 7th season, but it is only recently that I heard of it. I like Dennis Leary and the show is pretty interesting but it does have a huge degree of pathos. Even without focussing on the pathos particular to the 9-11 attack and this show’s intimate relation with that, the self-destructive tendencies of Dennis’ character and the pitiful nature of many of the characters gets overbearing and depressing. There isn’t a whole lot of suspense, so the show tends to be a bit theatrical. I can deal with theatrical, but in this case, it seems a bit to dark and hopeless for me. Perhaps I need to push ahead but then again, maybe I need to be in a more positive place myself to fully appreciate this show and not let it eat at my mood.

What shows are you watching? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments.


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