Anger management

St Anger by Metallica

I have been quite angry due to various issues that I can’t really go into detail about here. What I realized is that I really suck at anger management now that I stopped running. Well, maybe it was just as bad then but now in particular my anger tends to rise and explode a little too often now. The French have a great expression for this: “le moutard commence à monter au nez” (or “the mustard is starting to burn my nose” which is that period of rising anger – I feel that the analogy is perfect. So, what am I doing about it? Well, I am talking a little more about it, writing about it here, and trying to take a bit of distance from the circumstances. I hope that I can run again because, again, I think that it was an effective weapon against this negative energy. You see, when people start getting aggressive with me, I get aggressive right back and there are times when this does not really help the situation. Unfortunately, this anger has kept me smoking despite a 36-hour pause last week. I am hoping that things work themselves out quickly so that I can put this behind me and get back to a more healthy and less prone-to-ulcers type of life but for them moment, I need to bite my tongue and ride it out. Not easy…


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3 Responses to Anger management

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  2. bloohmoon says:

    You ain’t by yourself. You get aggressive with me, I simply loose it. It takes hours to calm back down. I’m writing everyday to help release that anger. Avoiding the source for me is not an option. I am so angry right now, I can’t breathe right. But before I started writing, I was angrier. It’s hard. Best thing for me is to TRY not to let people push you to that point. Doesn’t always work though. IDK. At least you working on it and so am I. Best of luck.

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