More career advice to be taken or left from The Poulet

Following up on the  day-before-yesterday’s post, m,poulet reiterated his rules to me by email today so that I wouldn’t have beer on the brain when trying to recall them. Here they are in all their ovine glory 🙂

1/ Don’t make more than one enemy at a time, i.e. pick your battles. Being just a tad vocal and direct, I have a really hard time with this one. I am really going to try to take a chill pill next time I am working up to a fight (see my anger management post)

2/ Use Judo, i.e. befell your enemy by using his own weight. This one is all about finesse and I am really not big on finesse personally. Basically, when challenged by someone try to turn the tables on them rather than raising your voice or getting pissed off. I am giving this one a lot of thought these days because it does not resolve anything to get angry and loud.  Like I said, for me, this one is a work in progress.

3/ You never have to respond right away. Once again, m.poulet seems to have hit nearly all of my weak spots. I am soooo guilty of trigger-happy emails from my iPhone or iPad. While it is good for getting my average response time low on Xobni, it can be detrimental when the response is slightly (or more) angry or annoyed. It is true that other than a life or death situation, nothing is really necessary to get done IMMEDIATELY and that even an hour is probably enough time to think things over and chill before penning a response. Just wish I would apply this one more often. Actually, I should force myself to wait at least an hour before replying to mail that hacks me off. Well, I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

My dear readers, what do you think? Is this just so bleeding obvious or is it sound advice or perhaps it is all just poppycock?


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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5 Responses to More career advice to be taken or left from The Poulet

  1. Keith says:


    It is all good advice!

    I always take a deep breath, wait a few minutes and re-read my email before hitting the send button. This gives me the opportunity to catch grammatical and spelling errors. It also provides me the opportunity to review the context and the message that I am about to send. The result is sometimes a message is canceled because it was written in anger and there is more damage done by sending than by deleting. Perhaps I misinterpreted the original message and that is another reason for review and reflection.

    It’s all good advice from M.Poulet.

  2. m.poulet says:

    You got them all – and for less than one buck and free beers !

  3. Martin says:

    yes, good advice. interesting discussion.

    I think that wisdom comes with experience and age, the tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late. What I mean by that is that I was a lot quicker to react to my anger when I was younger, now I still get just as angry but I am starting to control my reaction to it. mind you my better half still manages to get to me – lol !

    I think the advice of taking a few steps back in certain circumstances is good, but that shouldn’t be interpreted as always taking a few steps back in all situations. Impulse and enthusiasm is necessary and sometimes it is what get things done !

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