TV Shows: Top 5 old faves – The Sopranos

Ok, so I am kind of cheating, but in my quest to have a post per day this year, I need to fill in the dates from 15-19 Feb when I had a few “situations” to resolve and was not psychologically available for posting.

One of my all-time favorite shows was clearly The Sopranos. I made references to it a few times here, but wanted to make a small review here. Over the 6 seasons that the show lasted (1999-2007), we saw Tony build and consolidate power in the Jersey mafia despite the feds, the competition (both in-state and out-of-state), and his own guys. The show is brutal (I think the first season was particularly hard), but had a human side partially owing to Tony’s off-and-on consultations with his sexy shrink, Dr. Malfi. There were some adorable characters, loads of despicable ones and the plotlines were as edgy as the dialogs. John Gandolfini turned the show into a real money machine, himself pocketing $1M per episode at the end. It is unfortunate that the show ended on an ambiguous note and that the much talked-of plans for a sequel or movie never materialized. I think another part of the appeal was that since it was on HBO, the sex, violence, and language was almost entirely uncensored which gave a voyeuristic realism to this story of how the mob seemed to really work.

In any case, The Sopranos will rest on my favorite list for years to come.


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