TV Shows: Top 5 old faves – Six Feet Under

My wife and I became totally addicted to Six Feet Under after it was already dead. You have to remember that here in France, TV series either never make it over or only do in a dubbed (yikes!) format, so I only hear about most from folks in the US. In this case, an aunt in California sold me on this one and I was totally hooked.

The show’s premise of following a family of undertakers was fantastic and the writing was among the best I have ever enjoyed on TV. I loved all the characters and the acting was spectacular. The camera work was innovative and the makeup – particularly of the many sessions of touching up of the dead – was amazing.

Most shows either end really prematurely (Bored to Death being a recent example) or don’t know when to end (Dexter, from Six Feet alumni Michael Hall, being one that should have probably ended a season or two ago). In the case of Six Feet, it ended absolutely perfectly. In fact, the very last episode has to be one of the best single pieces of television I have ever watched. The way that they sewed up all the storylines and projected the characters all the way out so that there was no ambiguity about the show being over. It was at the same time an exciting and moving finale but also provided perfect closure to the 5-year odyssey that the show represented.

In terms of originality and script-writing, this may be the #1 for me.



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