TV Shows: Top 5 old faves – Northern Exposure

OK, for my last one on this list, I am reaching way back into my memory. But my memories of this show are so fond that I couldn’t help myself. I loved the various characters and have always been incredibly fascinated with Alaska. So it was corny from time to time, but the scripts were original and the acting was great. And if you don’t believe me, recall that it got 3 Emmys, 2 Golden Globes and one Director’s Guild award. Unfortunately, it ended prematurely due to contract issues with Rob Morrow who played the main character, Joel Fleischman. It was perhaps the first hour-long show which I watched which was both comedy and drama. In some ways, it was a pre-cursor to much of the 2000’s shows in that it concentrated on plot rather than just the laugh track (like the abominable Friends or various Cosby shows). One day, I’ll get around to re-watching this show and I hope that I won’t find that it aged too much.


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