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In my never-ending quest to bring you entertaining writing and amusing travel advice, I thought I’d wrote from my bunk-bed here at the Village de Soleil next to Montgenevre in the Southern Alps. You may recall that last year I splurged on Club Med at Villars in Switzerland and got, well, screwed by the weather while star gazing with the rich and famous. This year, I went from something much more modest based on a friend and fellow dad of two’s recommendation. The Village de Soleil is a 3-star family resort. It is actually better organized in many ways than The Club and my kids seem to appreciate it a lot too. The staff is friendly without being annoying or condescending (not that I’d say that about CM). I especially like the drinks offered when we come back from the snow – a great touch. Yeah, the bar games are silly and very French, but the drinks are reasonably priced and there are loads of kids. In fact, this place is serious about the youngins. Last year at Villars, my son was terrorized by a certain Swiss Hélène who said he couldn’t ski (bitch) and was too embarrassed to go get his little medal for his week of effort. Today was his first lesson at Montgenevre and he told us that he loved it was able to go downhill and even slowdown and so Swiss Hélène (bitch) was wrong. As for us grown-ups, the skiing and surfing is OK. We are blessed this week with lots of snow but the runs are on the short side and there are way too many flat parts (unsupportable for Fino Boarderman). I am much more of a moguls kind of a surfer and have yet to find my micro-Nirvana here in that respect. However, one important discovery was made: listening to Death Magnetic and Beyond Magnetic from Metallica while carving is a cathartic (albeit admittedly dangerous) experience. So, where was I going with that? Oh, before I forget: big advantage of being here on the Italian border skiing – Italian food at 2100m! There is this wonderful spot called La Baita at the end of the Col Brescia lift where we are addicted to their yummy pasta and fantastic life-saving expresso! And they are soooo friendly too.

Ok, so to resume: the Sun Village (or Club Village du Soleil) is a great (at least so far) family-oriented resort near the Montgenevre and Viallattea (Milky Way) resorts where a family of 4 can pass a nice (and affordable) ski vacation.


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  1. This blog is more insightful than one can think. Have two young children, this does provide perspective of how to plan. If as a parent you want to enjoy the holiday, make sure the environment and conditions are appropriate for the kids; the rest will settle-in, otherwise go without them.

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