TV Series: Californication S04 – Hank hits bottom

Calfornication S04

Californication has certainly taken the Hank character through loads of shit, but nothing as dark as in S04. With a rape trial pending and his true love definitively drifting away, Hank sinks deeper and deeper into self-pity and alcoholism. The writing is very good – far better than S02 or S03 in my opinion – and there are real human moments here. There are incredibly funny moments (the billionaire and his monkey, the Charlie shaving incident, the Ed Hurt character appearances) but also sad, disturbing ones as Hank contemplates the mess he has created and cannot fix with humor or drinking. I thought the Ozzie and Harriet scene in E10 and the flashbacks in E12 were especially well done. Ok, so perhaps getting just probation was a bit of a copout in the script, but the tongue-in-cheek of Marcy selling her esthetician to the stars story to Showtime of all places was a cute self-parody. The drowning dream scene in S01 that is resolved in E11 was also really well done. All in all, I think that S04 was the best season for this show since S01 especially since it closed so many open questions. I wonder how they will reinvigorate the storyline in S05. Oh, I almost forgot, the music on this show is always good but in S04, it is even better: the Queens of Dogtown songs with ‘Becca were awesome and I loved the closing credits over You Can’t Always Get What You Want.


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