News from Sun Village II – ups and downs of vacation with kids

Somewhere between heaven and hell lies the place where you are on vacation with your wife and kids but cannot find that sweet spot of physical exhaustion from snowboarding and the pleasure of parenting. I mean that I am enjoying my surfing this week but also there is a growing frustration with several aspects of it: inability to deal with teleskis (argh, fell again today on one), hate of flat bits (fucking un-strap, restrap, and un-strap again drives me nuts), and the damn glassy descents at 60+ degrees that I still can’t take head-on but must pussy out on the powdery sides or – worse – perpendicular to the slope instead of parallel with it. And after 8h of that, the kids that are hyper after their activities and have such a hard time coming down. It is exhausting and wearing me out a bit. Ok, so it is hump day and perhaps the last two full vacation days here will find that sweet spot somehow but for the moment, I need another – argh – cigarette and to turn the Exchange email off on my i* devices. I know, I should be shot for even looking at work email here. Another addiction to cure I suppose. Ok, so off to collect excited kid #1 and finish a load of laundry. Am I having fun yet?


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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