Adventures in Boboland

I went out on a bender in Boboland yesterday. It is not a very common occurrence for me to go out and get plastered contrary to public opinion, but I was in need of an evening with the boys of irresponsible drinking. Now, there are those nights in pubs, those nights in bars that it would be inappropriate to go into detail about, and nights in clubs but this one was different. We started at Jules et Jim which is a swanky small hotel on rue des Gravillers which features a great cocktail bar with a super barman, Ricardo. He is an incredibly talented cocktail artist and can make anything from his hand-chosen collection of whiskeys (including the delicious Nikka from Japan with a nice caramel hint to it) and alcohols. It is not cheap, but as it is one of those word-of-mouth kinds of places not crowed. There is a fireplace and some couches outside in the courtyard as you see in the photo where you can have a quick smoke. I can highly recommend this little hidden gem. We spent a few hours drinking there and closed the bar with Ricardo who accompanied us to our next destination…

The Andy Walhoo a  little further down on the same street. The Wahloo’s name probably comes from the French inability to pronounce “Warhol” but I couldn’t get confirmation of that. When I used to go there, it was a quiet bar. Nowadays, it is very jetset full of drunk 20-year olds (yes I felt OLD) and a live DJ. Actually, it was too hard to talk with the broohaha so we went next door to the adjoining restaurant La Derrière (reservations required!). The owner converted an large 2-story appartment into a restaurant leaving the various rooms in place. You can eat in the living room with the pingpong table or head upstairs to eat in the bedroom (sitting on the edge of the bed of course). The bathroom is in, well, the bathroom, but the real charm is the fumoir which is accessed by going through the hall closet doors into the hidden backroom for smokers complete with stuffed hunting trophies and loads of books. Very interesting. I learned that the owner had personally gone across France hitting antique shops left and right to pick out individually every piece hanging on every wall, sitting on every shelf, hanging from every ceiling and, of course, all the dining and lounging furniture as well. And the cherry on the cake: Dita Von Teese was eating with her boyfriend (the only other customers in the place which was actually closed). I even bumped into her inadvertently when returning from the WC. She is just as busty as I imagined and dressed in a very Mad Men style which is her thing I suppose. It was totally cool. Anyway, we concluded the evening on several bottles of champagne eventually closing the Andy Wahloo and taking some Vel’ibs back home.

Interesting footnote, since I stayed on cocktails and whiskey and concluded on champagne, no headache or tummy ache the next day. Gotta keep that in mind…however, there was a whopping hole in my wallet. A great time had by all…to be continued!


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