Take me to the next whiskey bar

or is it “Whisky”? I was told last night that the ‘e’ was reserved for the Irish variety. Or was it the Scottish? Anyway, I have never been really into either whisky, whiskey, burbon, or scotch. I guess I felt that it was for “older men” (mostly remembering my dad drinking what seemed to be gallons of it when I was a kid) and I never really cared for the smell or the shiver I got from sipping it. I think I was also anxious about upending my insides from drinking it. Well, after the drinking session on Wednesday when I appreciated a Nikka and my Valentine’s outing, I am starting to get over my anti-w reservations.  This evening I had a burger with a friend at La Belle Rive in the 19th next to the canal and he encouraged me to try Oban, a Scotch single malt. It was really nice – a little dryer and less caramelly than the Nikki but nice. He informed me that single malt means that the barley comes from just one field and that this is common for whiskey from Scotland. In Ireland where he is front, most of the whisky is blended from various farmer’s fields of barley and so the taste is quite different. Honestly, I never realized that there was such a rich culture and variety in whiskey. I guess I need to re-evaluate it. It seems that the whiskey sub-culture is nearly as prolific as that of wine or beer.

Now, lest my readers take a cue from my recent posts and start biting their nails thinking, oh no, Fino is becoming an alcoholic like his TV mentors Tommy on Rescue Me and Hank on Californication, first off: as much as I like both Tommy and Hank, they are far from role models and second: I am very conscious of the dangers of drinking and can ensure you that I am not going off the deep end – just enjoying the variety once in a great while. OK, now that that is clear, where is that next whiskey bar? Just kidding!


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One Response to Take me to the next whiskey bar

  1. Rick.Stanton@3ds.com says:

    I’m having a flashback to a Doors song…”Show me the way to the next whiskey bar…”.

    I was never a doors fan. But I’ve had Oban. It is the first whiskey that most of us novices try and like. Mild, no specific harsh flavor that dominates the pallet. All good. As a non-whiskey drinker, I can recommend a couple of others. J.W. Blue is certainly a standard bearer. The J.W. Green I also very nice. I have another on at home that is conditioned in French Oak barrels. Very nice. I can send you the name of that one when I get home next week. For other drinks, I’ve grown accustomed to Crown Royal. Very easy to drink, especially with a splash of ginge ale.

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