NSFCCDP Movie Review: Chronicle (2011)

This month’s NSFCCDP outing was to see the new superhero movie Chronicle byJosh Trank. To be honest, it was kind of like Blair Witch Project met Heroes. CG and I both felt that it was interesting, but not as original as it once appeared. The acting was just OK and the special effects were found wanting in places. The exploding spider scene was particularly well-done, but the flying scenes and the epic fight at the end were a little less impressive. OK, there were exploding buildings which was cool, but it was something we already saw in the Matrix movies. As for the premise, it was perhaps original that rather that one loner coming in contact with the “strange substance” that gives him superpowers, this time it was one loser, one geek, and one Mr. Popular. So, in that sense it was kind of like the Breakfast Club meets the Blair Witch Project meets Heroes. The transformation of the loser into a bad guy was not all that original either – and was certainly predictable. I felt that the pathos was a bit too much with the alcoholic dad and the dying mother and the film had several moments where it just dragged on. The director could easily have cut 10-15 minutes out of the middle and another 10-15 minutes at the end and not lost any of the plot line while keeping the action on a bit more of a steady pace. I left the cinema neither blown away or disgusted, but unlike other films that made me think afterwards, this one didn’t really tug at either my imagination or conscience. Final word: not a required nerd film and certainly a better catch on DVD or iTunes for a few bucks than a $10+ spend in a movie theater.


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2 Responses to NSFCCDP Movie Review: Chronicle (2011)

  1. yaykisspurr says:

    I read about how bad this movie was and you added to their opinions. It’s so sad too because this movie looked really good from the previews and then you find out it’s just a rehash of old ideas that other people have used better. And why would the loser kid necessarily go bad? This outside the box people…have it come from an internal place. Anyway I’ll get off my soap box but a good summation, 🙂 I really enjoy your posts. I don’t always comment (well not often at all) but I read most of them and find little gems from your point of view. Cheers!

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