Brands, or me and my Calvins

I work for a Brand in my company. This means that of our eight product lines, I am responsible for part of the portfolio of one of the eight. In a software company like in any other company, Brands tend to set the tone in the mind of the customer and also build fidelity in your product. As someone who now is slightly more market-saavy, I should be immune to brand marketing being targeted at me from outside. Well, that is simply not the case. When I think about it, I am very brand-oriented. Is it age, prevention, or just laziness? I am honestly not sure. Here is a quick list of a few brands to which I am very faithful not to say exclusive:

  • Calvin Klein: I have been exclusively wearing Calvin briefs for maybe 8-10 years. They are super comfy and last a decent amount of time, and take absolutely no time to purchase. I mean there are only really three colors to choose from (black, white, and grey) and I already know the cuts I like. Wouldn’t trust my package in anything else.
  • Kenzo: I don’t know why, but at one point I started buying nearly all of my dress clothes and suits at Kenzo. It is rather expensive as a brand, but the quality of the materials they use and the originality of the colors and cuts has me hooked. Since I shop there often, I get invited to private sales where the mark off tends to be 40-50%. At that price, I can afford a suit or a jacket once in a while. I am a bit tight this year, so I’ll have to wait until the July sales to hit them up for some new rags.
  • Falke: I started wearing Falke socks about 12 years ago and no longer purchase any other brands in socks. I love the fitted socks with an L or R and find them perfect for my triple-E / size 12 feet. Here the choices abound, but in about 7 minutes I can choose a few pairs and feel reasonably assured that I won’t need to do more socks shopping for 12-18 months. Incidentally, they seem to have figured out how to make socks sexy as you see here on the left. The cool thing too is that they make running socks as well – and I tested them out with great success. They are available at the Galerie Lafayette in the men’s department on the 1st floor.

  • 7 For All Mankind: These jeans are the ultimate in comfort. I kind of stumbled upon them about 6 or 7 years ago in a shop in Coconut Grove (long gone) during a trip home to Miami. I haven’t bought a different brand of jeans since. They are very durable and have – at least for me – an excellent fit. And, they seem to age really well. Oh yeah, and their ads are not bad…

New Balance: Ever since my first pair of 908’s, I have exclusively used New Balance for running shoes. They are the one brand wide-enough for my hobbit feet and are comfortable for distance running. I trusted them for 42 km in the 2010 Paris Marathon, and I have been through probably eight or ten pairs. I was recommended another brand once about two years ago and it was only two weeks later that I busted my meniscus in marathon training. Coincidence?

  • Converse All Stars: A total classic to the point of being cliché, but I love ’em. Easy to slip on and slip off. They look great with both shorts and jeans, and other than the color, they are relatively easy to shop for. Definitely worth a trip to the Factory Outlet whenever I am back in the states!
  • Aveda: My addiction of Brilliant Hair Gel from Aveda is rather serious. There is only one sale’s point for Aveda in all of Paris (rue Saint-Simon) and I will go out of my way to get there to restock when I run out. I love the smell and texture, and it seems to be the perfect mix of a messy feel in my hair without total loss of control. Unfortunately, it costs about 40% more expensive over here than in the States but I often forget to restock during trips back home. I also tried the gel in the white bottle but the blueish one rules and is the only gel my hair ever gets pampered with.
  • Apple: You were waiting for this one right? Yes, I am a bit of an addict here too: iPod Touch and Nano, iPhone 3, 3GS, and 4S, a MacBook Pro, iPad and iPad 2, and AppleTV not to mention the accessories. I am seriously considering the iPad 3 to get that beautiful retina display. My love affair with La Pomme started back in 2006 when after two successive crashes of my company-issued Dell, I decided to teach myself the Mac until I wouldn’t ever be dependent on Windows as a primary OS ever again. Suffice to say, I have never looked back.

I’d be curious to see if any of my readers have fetish brands like I do.


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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