Some more drummers I neglected…

I posted a few days back about 10 of my favorite drummers, but to be fair, here are a few more that merit mention:

Like John Selway of Radiohead. He has a range of styles that is mind-boggling. Besides, anyone that can keep up with the energy and wild imagination and experimentation of Thom York deserves piles of credit. I find that many of the songs I love from Radiohead are marked by special percussion sounds or rhythms – that the drums add a little more flavor than the guitars in many cases – particularly on the later albums. Sometimes, the beats are completely off the wall and add to the superb atmosphere on great Radiohead classics like Idioteque. And, he is absolutely amazing in concert!

Dave Grohl is, perhaps, the most diverse artist that came out of the grunge period. Besides founding Nirvana and forging the most influential grunge sound ever, he went on to do Foo Fighters singlehandedly at first. His drumming style is steady, constant, and brutal although it seems that he has mellowed out a bit since Kurt’s suicide. There are morcels of Foo Fighters that I absolutely love like Everlong and Aurora. OK, so he was playing guitar on those, but look at his drumming with Them Crooked Vultures, great stuff!

I should be ashamed to not have mentioned Charlie Watts yet. As one of the founding Stones, Charlie has been the rock behind the solid rock and blues attack of the Bad Boys of Rock-n-Roll for six (!) decades. I think he also gets unfair treatment on the mixes particularly on the early albums, but his set is tight and solid. How he has survived along with Keith and Mick is pretty much a modern, secular miracle, but where would we be without Charlie’s white hair shining over that snare behind Jaegger’s ass anyway?


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