TV Series: Seasons 5 of Californication and House of Lies almost complete

They are nearly over – only 2 episodes left for each – and things are in meltdown for both Hank and Marty. I know, it is a TV show, so this will all probably work out in the end, but it makes for decent suspense. In the case of Hank, I suppose that this being his second return to New York pending, it is getting a little repetitive. And it is also a repeat of the continuing competition between Hank and the dickhead boyfriend of Becca. There’s also the continuing saga of Charlie’s sorry love life. It has been a funny season so far, but most likely it will be running out of gas soon. Not sure how they can drag this one on for two or three more seasons, but I suppose that I’ll still stick around until things really get too much.

As for House of Lies, I am totally gaga about this show. All the characters are hilarious and the story is spicy and intelligent. The Jenny character is gorgeous and brilliant, the two boys are crazy funny, and Marty is unique. It will be really interesting to see how Marty crawls from under the shitheap of crap that he just got now in E11. I’ll give you a full review after E13 in two weeks. As well as for Californication of course 🙂

And now, gotta try the new Mad Men S05 – my mom said it was great…


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2 Responses to TV Series: Seasons 5 of Californication and House of Lies almost complete

  1. Gerard says:

    Have you caught the season finale of Californication yet? Quite an interesting ending, I thought, and pretty open-ended for where the story goes next year.

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