Blogging and Ego, Part 2 – Klout

A while back, I wrote about the egotistical nature of blogging. Well, I continue to obsessively observe my daily hit rate (about 30-90 on a given day but an average of about 50) and remark with satisfaction a growing (though small) group of subscribers (36 – THANK YOU!!). I also get a few Likes once in a while which warm my cockles and some comments which I try to respond to (thanks Yaykisspurr who has of late been the most consistent and pertinent commenter 🙂

Just Sunday, I figured I ought to check where I am on the Social Network rankings. I found where I am a respectable but still low 36. Well, that earns me a “Socializer” title. Icons like Guy Kawasaki are at like 86 (“Taste Maker”. Star Trek veterans George Takei clocks in at 72 (“Pundit”) and William Shatner makes a surprising 76 (“Thought Leader”) at the ripe old age of 81. Also surprising is that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and The Social Network fame only rates a 54 (“Specialist”). Perhaps this whole thing is a crock of shit because when I look at some of the top Klout earners, I see the horror otherwise known as Lady Gaga at 92 (“Celebrity”) and worse-yet, Rihanna at 96 (also “Celebrity”).

Klout claims to measure your relative influence over your social network. It seems to have some trouble catching up with your activity though. As you see here, it hasn’t yet picked up any stats on Google+ (even if it is nearly moribund) and doesn’t seem to weigh LinkedIn high enough for the dashboard. You can give “K” to folks, but you have to earn them somehow. It seems like a FourSquare for couch-potato-nerds perhaps. I guess it is like anything else, just an interesting but completely irrelevant measure of your social (ir)relevance.

I am proud to be a more consistent blogger particularly over the last three or four months and although I am often at a loss of what to write about, the encouragement from comments and follows and likes keeps my creative juices flowing so please keep ’em coming!


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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