Changing Wheels – B180 vs Passat

Bye Bye Class B

After 6 years with a Mercedes Class B180, I have just switched over to a Volkswagen Passat. The picture is blurry due to the tears on the iPhone 4s lens. Basically, Benz was removed from the company car list recently and the only suitable replacement for me was the Passat. I absolutely loved my Class B and was completely enamored with the 2012 re-issue, but will have to wait another 3 years and hope that MB makes a come-back.

What did I like about the B? Well, it is roomy and yet about 30 cm shorter than the Passat. It is also rather high (much more so than the Passat) so your view is a bit more commanding. Then there are all those MB bells and whistles (the transparent roof was wonderful) and the impeccable service that I think I will miss. Well, all that is over…

The new Passat - am I really getting that old?

The Passat is very, very long and it is taking some time getting used to. I think that the B180 engine was punchier than the Passat one. The Passat feels a like more bulky and stiff in the suspension that the B. The curious thing is the automatic hand brake – takes some getting used to! I appreciate that the Bluetooth for both audio and telephone works perfectly (the B was unable to stream audio over Bluetooth). I got to thinking why they don’t pull the addresses on the iPhone over and add them to the GPS since they already pull names and telephone numbers. That particular thought made me wonder if I should have deleted the various names and phone numbers in the B-Class before returning it. Oops.

The thing that bugs me the most about the Passat is that I have the impression it is a car for folks that are in their 50s and can’t afford a BMW 5 Series or an Audi A6. Honestly, I had the choice of some lame Peugeot and Renault models (I hate French transmissions so I wasn’t going there) and a microscopically small BMW 1 Series and this Passat so there you go. The next question is whether the kids will like it because they really loved the B too. Guess I’ll see on Sunday when we head to the countryside!


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4 Responses to Changing Wheels – B180 vs Passat

  1. Arnaud says:

    Is it a DSG gear box?

  2. says:

    Wait – you get a company car???

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