NSFCCDP Movie Review: Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus Poster

The long-awaited Prometheus is finally here. A small contingent of the NSFCCDP ventured out to one of Paris’ truly great movie theaters, the Max Linder, featuring the best THX sound in the city and one of the largest screens (2 stories tall). I promise – NO SPOILERS in this review so even if you haven’t braved the crowds, you can read in safety.

Overall, the film was beautiful in terms of image, atmosphere, and special effects. The ambiance was dark and sombre as one would expect from the trailers. The rhythm was a bit slow, it takes a while for the story and especially the suspense to kick in. The spacecraft Prometheus is pretty awesome and all the spaceflight shots were quite realistic. As for the 3D, it was less impressive than, say, Avatar, and didn’t add much to the plot. The planet itself was pretty cool, but other than the silicon storm (very, very well shot), I won’t give anything away there. As for the story, well, that’s where the film is the weakest to be honest. There are certainly more questions at the end of the film than answers. Once again, no spoilers here so I’ll let you see it and comment yourselves. The acting was pretty good – particularly Charlize Therzon as always. I also liked the captain and his crew. The final sequence was as suspenseful as the end of the original Alien I think, but with a little less terror than the original. It looks like Ridley might be toying with the idea of a second prequel to accompany this one so I guess we will have to see.

Overall, I’d give this one 3.5/5.0 based on the ambiance and the issues I mentioned in terms of story coherency. What did you think?


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