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NSFCCDP Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) – preferred Preljocaj adaptation personally…

This month’s NSFCCDP was only attended by JuJu and m.poulet, probably due to (deserved) bad press on Snow White and the Huntsman. Don’t get me wrong, Charlize Theron is gorgeous (and a great actress to boot) and the scenery and … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Pale King by David Foster Wallace – A Posthumous Incomplete Masterpiece

I have been a little fascinated with David Foster Wallace since learning of his suicide on the blogosphere several years back. I have already written a little bit about my reading of some of his work and just happened upon … Continue reading

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TV Series: Magic City S01 (2012) – Part 1, The Show

The first season of Magic City just wrapped up about two weeks ago. This is one I have to credit my father with pointing out to me. Set in the Miami that he and my mom both grew up in … Continue reading

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TV Series: Mad Men S05 (2012) – Dealing (or not) with Loneliness

In Season 5, it seems to me that the central theme was loneliness. Even in the poster to the left, we notice that the Don with his back to us is alone and the two faceless manequins in the shop … Continue reading

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Quitting Smoking: Causes of Addiction and Some Advice

I quit smoking for the third time nearly 18 days ago. I wrote back in January about starting smoking again. A BIG THANK YOU GOING OUT TO ALL MY WELL-WISHERS ON FACEBOOK – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Well, having built … Continue reading

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TV Series: Game of Thrones S02 (2012) – War in Coming

The masterful cult series for geeks, Game of Thrones, ended its second season on Sunday night. And what a season it was, full of blood, guts, sex, medieval battles, dragons, and even zombies. A nerd paradise of sorts. For me, … Continue reading

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Being Dad: Things they don’t prepare you for

I remember growing up more or less scared shitless about hell. I imagined this awful place to which I’d certainly be condemned for 1/ jerking off too much 2/ lusting after Gina So-and-So at Bible study 3/ stealing quarters out … Continue reading

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