NSFCCDP Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) – preferred Preljocaj adaptation personally…

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This month’s NSFCCDP was only attended by JuJu and m.poulet, probably due to (deserved) bad press on Snow White and the Huntsman. Don’t get me wrong, Charlize Theron is gorgeous (and a great actress to boot) and the scenery and SpFx were fabulous, but the storyline, the rhythm, and the dialog in this film left much to be desired. I promise not to give any spoilers here. Just a few comments without giving away plot secrets. First off, I couldn’t really get into the Kirsten actress as Snow White (more beautiful than Charlize? I don’t think so) and this was a blocking point for me as a viewer. I felt her little rabbit teeth were a little distracting and that she’s beautiful, yes, but she incited absolutely no sexual desire in me at all. My understanding is that Twilight has this whole Christian sexuality aesthetic to it – being erotic but with no sex either implied or shown, just the sexual tension and longing with no fulfillment. Well, this film, as pointed out by m.poulet, was quite similar. We see Charlize Theron’s nude back twice but no breasts or ass (disappointing!). We see medieval battle scenes, but no death or blood. We see the “Dark Forest” and horrors are hinted at but not really clearly shown or defined. It is as if there is nothing really at stake. If I can dwell for one second on the Dark Forest, everybody fears it (“it feeds on your own fears” as the Huntsman informs Snow White in yet another of the poor dialogs), but we see no one actually die from any of these psychosomatic horrors ever. I would be interested to know if this film managed a PG-13 rating or even simply a PG rating in the US because there was almost no suspense, no violence, no sex, no innuendo in this film. Also, it shared the fatal flaw of Sucker Punch in that it was slow and had absolutely no humor in it despite having a beautiful set and great camerawork and synthetic images. The dialogs were really terrible – Snow White’s speech to motivate the soliders was laughable, the dialog between Snow White and the Huntsman boorish and forced. In the final scene, the Huntsman’s appearance is completely ridiculous. As I referred to in the article’s title, if I compare this to the ballet of Snow White that I reviewed back in December, that silent adaptation was far more sensual, suspenseful, and terrifyingly beautiful than this particular film.

Quite the disappointment, I think it only deserves 2.5/5 based on the original ideas of the shattered glass and mirror and so forth, but not sufficiently supported with an adequate storyline and script.

I found this hilarious review from another blogger – thanks Kimmo Mustonenen! And you are right, that one dwarf looked just like Swearengen from Deadwood – I noticed that too! But I have to disagree: Thor was lame as shit and Kirsten was flat and passionless during most of the film…that being said, I drank AFTER the movie so that is a little different. I reviewed Prometheus here.


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