Movie Review: Batman Begins (2005) – Start of the Trilogy

I watched this one on the plane over to Boston last week. It was actually the first time for me to see it. Actually, I watched The Dark Knight on the way back and there were things in there that made more sense. I liked the whole story of the origin of Batman with his fear of bats and how he conquers that be becoming his fear. The bad guy played by Liam Niesen was pretty good but I wasn’t a great fan of the Scarecrow character (although now I realize who he was in The Dark Knight). There was a little cameo of the kid that plays King Jeoffroy on Game of Thrones – did you notice? Yes, I am of course watching these to prepare for The Big Event coming in two weeks…impatience is growing…

Now, here’s the thing. I taught a class in Boston last week and had this one big traditional dinner for all the students. One guy started going on about how Batman’s voice change when he wasn’t Bruce Wayne anymore was a real blocking point for him. All of us were a little taken back. Well, that was until he sent us a few youtube videos.

I have to thank Scott heartily – because now I almost died laughing while re-watching The Dark Knight!


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