Les Vignes Buissonières: Adventures in Wine Tasting

Pic St Loup on the left and Hortus on the right overlooking the vignobles at Valflaunès

I wrote back in 2009 about my first Vignes Buissonnières experience and had the opportunity to repeat the experience on June 10 this year. This time it was held across from Hortus and Pic St Loup in the village/vineyard of Valflaunès. The weather turned out to be better than expected because A beautiful spot, the walk featured a climb up a small hill which opened up to a fantastic view on the valley.  I was about an hour late signing up for the event on their website and only got a slot on Sunday morning.

The book you see here is what they give you with the menu and the wine list. There are six stops, each has a dish plus between 11 and 20 wines to taste. I won’t make you jealous by citing everything that we tasted and drank but I’ll just  tempt you with the warm appetizer: asperagus and cepes pan-heated with a girolles sauce – exquisite. The pelardon cheese near the end was fabulous too. As for the wine, they are all, of course, from the Pic St Loup region and I tasted a total of 42 different ones. The best overall was definitely the Hortus Blanc – such a delicious aroma and full yet delicate taste with layers of fruits…a true chef d’oeuvre of the region. I purchased about 24 bottles of wine in total.

So here’s the punchline: I loaded the car and grabbed the breathalyzer they had handed me when I drove in. I have never actually used one so I meandered over to the firemen lounging across from me in their truck and asked them how it worked. They weren’t quite sure either but we figured it out together. When I told them I had tasted 42 different wines, they kind of flipped out saying that there was no way I was sober enough to drive. Well, I breathed in the balloon and stuck the little indicator as required and the salt never changed color. Not even a little. I was good to go much to the amusement of the firefighters.

I hope to return more regularly because it is a unique event now with copycat events popping up, most notably near Nîmes it seems…


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2 Responses to Les Vignes Buissonières: Adventures in Wine Tasting

  1. All you had to say was “asparagus” and I was already jealous. Thanks for trying to spare me, though 🙂 I don’t even know what girolles sauce is…but it sounds amazing. As do the 42 types of wine. I would not have passed that test.

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