Movie Review: The Dark Knight (2008) – No one as bad as Heath

So after having finally watched the first of the new Batman trilogy, I re-watched the epic Dark Knight. I cannot say enough about Heath Ledger’s performance as it was probably the most evil dude on screen ever. The scene where the cop tells him that he killed 6 of his friends and Heath simply mouths the word “six” is simply awesome. The facial ticks, the constant licking of his swollen lips, the total unpredictability and power of his violence…this second viewing impressed me even more than when I saw them movie coming out. Batman himself was good but Heath was simply sublime. With the third movie coming up, Bane looks really bad-ass but it will be a high bar to hurdle in the Joker’s shadow.

There is not much else to say about the movie itself other than that the action was pretty well kept non-stop. Surprises all the time. Brilliant plot twists, but over and above all, Heath.

Needless to say, I’ll probably be getting into the pre-screening on the 24th here in Paris for The Dark Knight Rises!


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