TV Series: Sherlock S01 (2011) – An Addicting Adaptation

Confession: I have never actually read any of the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I know, what am I thinking, but you can’t read them all right? The BBC started an amazing adaptation of Sherlock set in today’s London last year and I just finished the first season last night. As these BBC series go, the seasons are shorter than American series typically (this one only has 3 episodes whereas a show like Justified, Weeds, etc goes between 12 and 13 episodes) but each episode is 90 min long. The acting is superb between the quirky genius of Sherlock and the bumbling admiration of Dr. Watson. Some of my favorite ideas that are exploited in the show are when Sherlock is working through scenarios and data in his head, we see shards of information on the screen and when he is searching for stuff on his Blackberry, we see a piece of the screen transparently as well. It is very clever and does not distract from the story as much as a zoom on the device itself would do. As far as the plots, the first episode was captivating and well researched, the second episode was a little less exciting, and the third episode was riveting. I won’t give any spoilers but I will say that the Moriarty character is extremely well introduced. The camera work is great with nice shots of London and great interiors as well. For those that enjoy police/mystery series, this particular one is outstanding (NOTE: other than the exceptional Justified or The Wire, I am really not much of a police/mystery show kind of guy but this one is truly great!)

Tonight: The Dark Knight Rises. Stay tuned to this space tomorrow for the NSFCCDP Review 🙂


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