TV Series: In Treatment S02 (2010) – Extraordinary television once again

While on my recent trip to Beijing, I watched all 13 (!) hours of In Treatment S02 as I was (and am) fascinated with this show. Paul’s move to Brooklyn following his divorce, the four new patients he treats there, and his own personal issues with his father are all extremely well-written and superbly well-acted. I liked Mia, April, Oliver, and Walter and found that the writers did an excellent job of varying the stories while keeping some themes in common. Each character was dealing with loneliness – including and perhaps especially Paul himself. I found myself tearing up at several times during the last 10 episodes as things were drawing to a close. In particular, I appreciated the April story the best and found it deeply moving – again, so well-directed with incredible acting on both sides of the couch. Perhaps the weakest story here was that of Oliver but the background here of the dissolution of the marriage of his parents was touching and relevant. I loved almost every moment here and felt that the delicate balance between drama and sentimentality was kept perfectly – the show never sinks into the popular depths of a common soap opera – it is always intelligent and thought-provoking. As in S01, Gabriel Byrne’s impersonation of Paul Weston is striking. He has all these gestures with his hands, a manner of inhaling just before changing subjects or imparting some insight, a way of looking at the patient that add such realism to the seances that it is sometimes surprising to realize that this is not real footage of a session of psychotherapy. In addition, his sessions with Gina re-enforce the realism by exploring with her the meaning of “treatment”, of “therapy” and how to separate his own life, his job, and his increasingly difficulty in maintaining professional distance between himself and his patients. Be warned, this show is HIGHLY addictive. You may need therapy yourself afterwards 🙂


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