TV Series: Weeds S08 (2012) – the end of a great 8-year run – thanks Jenji!

Well, it is finally over. Nancy’s odyssey comes to an end after the E12-E13 double episode and we are left watching her and the primary men in her life contemplating the falling snow. We were given 13 episodes to see our characters in one final upheaval following the mysterious shooting at the end of S07 and then we are treated to a flash-forward to wrap up all of the loose ends. It was masterfully done because we were treated as well to a return to the old theme song “Little Boxes” with a new animation and a return to Agrestic/Regrestic in E11 including many old friends from seasons past. Since perhaps some of my readers may be Weeds fans but may not have seen the conclusion a week or so ago, I will avoid spoilers here. Let me just say that in terms of a conclusion to a series, I’d rate S08 and E12-13 in particular up there with the legendary conclusion of Six Feet Under (E05S12). What else can I say without giving away key plotlines or conclusions? Well, that the one weak spot in the conclusion for me is Shane’s evolution because I don’t really follow that one. As for Silas, Andy, and Doug, I feel that these were all both unexpected and yet unsurprising. As for Nancy, I like how she changes again in this season and although she is scared at the end of S08 and we will never see her again, we are confident that she has the strength to face her own life going forward. So, burn one down and watch the end of this wonderful show – a rare moment in television comedy that was both thought-provoking and endearing.

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3 Responses to TV Series: Weeds S08 (2012) – the end of a great 8-year run – thanks Jenji!

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  3. I just finished Weeds based on your generally good review on the series. Loved it, very much so. Thanks for the tip!

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