Movie Review: Tropic Thunder (2008) – Not a great film but with great cameos!

Once again, thanks to a Marc Maron WTF interview, this time with Jack Black, I learned about film that I missed a few years back called Tropic Thunder. Now, I am actually not a huge Jack Black fan in terms of movies (other than the excellent Hi-Fidelity) and I can’t stand Ben Stiller at all, so there were many parts of this movie that were a bit painful to watch. I mean, OK, it is a parody of many films, especially Rambo, but still, sometimes the fart jokes from Jack and the naive idiot routine from Stiller were annoying. What saves the movie from complete forgetfulness is actually the cameo performances. Robert Downey, Jr plays a black guy and does it extraordinarily well. I was really blown away by it and loved the humor and banter with the “real” black actor in the film played by Branton T Jackson. The other cameo which was hilarious was Tom Cruise as the producer Les Grossman. The moment where he is rapping and leaving the stranded actors to their fates in the jungle is classic. I am not a Cruise fan by any means and didn’t realize he had refound his sense of humor that seemed to have been lost since about Risky Business or so. I actually didn’t even finish watching the film because of my annoyance with Ben Stiller but those two cameos were at least worth skipping to 🙂


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