Breaking Bad Podcasts

I have been thinking a LOT about Breaking Bad since the first half of Season 8 ended a few weeks ago. Via iTunes, I discovered quite a few podcasts about my favorite show:

  • Breaking Bad – Insider Podcast (conversations with creator Vince Gilligan and producer Kelley Dixon and various members of the cast and crew. This one started at the beginning of Season 1 and episodes last between 35 and 90 minutes. It is a fascinating look at how this show is written and shot. I wish I had known about this podcast way back when and I don’t think I will ever have the time to savour the entire back catalog. I listed to the last three of four recordings and found them all excellent. I particularly appreciate the insights into how Vince has moulded the Walt character and the ingenious ways they have filmed various parts of the show. When they discussed the last episode to air in 2012, Gliding Over All, they described the prison scene and the choices they made in filming the sequence, the location, etc. I highly recommend it as so instructive a look “behind the curtain” if you will.
  • Breaking Good – this podcast has two TV fanatics Mad Brew and A.Ron Hubbard. The discussions are pretty interesting and focus on the integrity of the storyline and predictions as to the future arcs in the story. Again, I came to this one really late and only caught the last two episodes, but I liked it. They also seem to have good taste in shows since most of the ones they review Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and also my favorites.  As for Walking Dead, I have said elsewhere I think that I couldn’t get past S01E02 perhaps because I never read the comix and Jersey Shore because I have never even heard of it before. They seem to have a major hate for “The Ones Who Do Knock” podcast of David Chen. Now, I would have reviewed that but I can’t get it to stream or download for some reason.
  • The Roof Pizza Chronicles is another one that has Breaking Bad as a theme but in this case, I couldn’t actually find a bit where they actually talked about Breaking Bad. They cracked lots of funny jokes and ragged on folks that gave them poor reviews on iTunes, but I couldn’t get a feel for their feelings about the big show so I can’t really recommend this one unless you have an hour to kill and NOTHING else to listen to.

There are a few more that, like The Ones Who Knock, I was not able to stream (The Breaking Bad ‘Cast, After-Show podcast, and Behind the Cutting Edge but anyway, listening to these gave me a hint of the discussions on the web concerning Walt’s transformation. 

For followups to this article, I’d like to write about my impressions of S01E01 that I went back to watch again and I’d like to challenge what each of these podcasts seemed to take as gospel – the four greatest shows of the last 15 years of American TV series.

Stay tuned…



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