NSFCCDP Movie Review: Skyfall (2012) – Bond is Back and the Times They are a Changin’

Last night, m.poulet and I skipped out to see Skyfall. Fortunately, we had both purchased tickets the previous day because the 21h30 showing was sold out hours before it aired and the line was super long to get in. So, was it worth it? I’d have to say yet. I will try not to give you any spoilers here but overall it was a good movie.

Overall, I really like Daniel Craig as 007. He is gritty, human, and real in a way that many of the previous Bonds were not. I think I liked this particular movie better than the two previous ones (m.poulet preferred Casino Royale) because I thought the story fit together relatively well and the production values were great.

The opening sequence with the Adele song was pretty cool. Obviously, Adele is banking on our nostalgia for Amy Whinehouse because it sounds very much like the dead singer. The graphics are nice precursors to many moments in the film and were well-matched to the theme song.

The movie itself was action-packed with great scenes in London, Singapore, Macau, and Scotland. I felt that the Shanghai scene was brilliantly shot, playing reflections off of various glass doors and using the transparency as well. I thought it made for good filmmaking. I think they were in the Bottleopener building that I wrote a blog about last year. The one thing that really puzzled me was that he allows the assassin to complete his mission before attacking him. I know that this is how he makes eye contact with one of his future female conquests, but would a British secret service agent really allow the bad guy to commit murder? Not sure…

The other bit that I really liked was the exceptional quality of the scenery in Scotland. The foggy valley shot with M at his side was gorgeous as was the house (no spoilers!). There is an underwater sequence as well that is strikingly beautiful here as well. They really pulled it off perfectly. There is a spectacular explosion at one point (hey its a Bond film, what did you expect), and I thought that it was also breathtaking. Definitely my favorite sequence in this long (2h23!) movie.

The one thing that I felt was a little disappointing was all the flag-waving. There is the long sequence of M with the caskets draped in the British flag that they dwelled on too much IMHO as well as the speech of M to the Parliament handlers that was scarily reminiscent of Bush’s speech justifying the invasion of Iraq. Unseen enemies that are everywhere and nowhere…I just didn’t need to have an apology for MI6 and any other shady military/spy/black-ops when I was there purely for entertainment.

Anyway, enjoy the movie readers and stay tuned in a few weeks for Looper, Argo, and the long, long awaited The Hobbit…



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