NSFCCDP Movie Review: Looper (2012) – An Interesting Twist on Time Travel

Last night, Juju, his lovely fiancée and another friend of hers joined me to see Looper. We all enjoyed it a lot although one of the gals fell asleep in the middle. The premise of time-traveling hitmen for a future mafia was pretty cool although I saw quite a few parallels to the original Terminator film. That being said, I loved the blunderbuss guns that the Loopers use (perhaps because I just learned that word thanks to Jack White’s solo album of the same name that came out earlier this year (NOTE: EXCELLENT album by the way!). I will not give you any spoilers here. Just that the gadgets are relatively minimalistic other than the cool transparent glass phone and the cool floor safe. The time machine itself looked a little disappointingly like a water heater though. The acting of Joseph Gordon-Lewitt was convincing, but that of Bruce Willis was outstanding. I reviewed Moonrise Kingdom earlier this year and appreciated that departure from the Bruce Willis of the Die Hard days but loved to see the return that gritty, smirking John McLane-type character that he plays here. I was a little skeptical when I saw Gordon-Lewitt at the beginning of the film as a younger Willis, but the directors did a fantastic job particularly in the ageing sequence and especially in the confrontation in the diner. The latter was striking as the profiles were a dead-match. Emily Blunt does a good job here as well and her kid is a scary cross of the Exorcist and Carrie (oops that isn’t a spoiler, I promise, well almost not a spoiler anyway). To the defence of the friend that fell asleep, the rhythm of the film does drop in the middle but Juju and I greatly appreciated the psychological character development that was in play there. It is surprisingly introspective and quiet at times for an action/SciFi flick.

I think I give this one a 3.5/5 leaning towards a 4. I think it is easily that best SciFi film this year so far (Avengers and Dark Knight Rises being more in the superhero movie category and Prometheus being lame IMHO). Actually, it may be this year’s last real sci-fi flick and we may need to wait until Star Trek next spring for another fix. So, sit back and enjoy the ride – just beware of black-suited blokes with huge rifles waiting in front of white blankets near corn fields.


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