Paris Burger Wars, Part 3: H.A.N.D. (Have A Nice Day) – Definitely a contender

Following on my previous articles about the Paris Burger Wars here and here, I finally got a chance to try HAND (short for Have A Nice Day) down at 39, rue de Richelieu in Paris. The decor is decidedly American complete with a diner style window bar (with the requisite mustard and ketchup bottles proudly displayed). There are three dining rooms which each have a little character of their own so the ambiance is great. The service was pretty good too, but they did get busy just after we arrived and they were missing perhaps one staff member – or so it seemed – because it was harder to flag someone down. But how were the burgers, you ask? Well they were actually really good. I had a bacon burger which was actually canadian bacon rather than the American style and it did taste good. Perhaps it was a bit over-cooked (I ordered medium-rare and got medium I believe) and a tiny bit dry, but the buns were excellent as was the taste of the meat itself. I didn’t try the fries but I did love the cole slaw and side salad. My wife had the veggie burger and it was really yummy with a mix of squash, carrots, and onions among other veggies in a nice patty that was heated up in a skillet. The hot dog that my daughter ate was also of great quality. Besides burgers and dogs, they also have salads and occasionally fish (the waitress said they have been out of the fish burger and the tuna for some time) as well as some tarts. However, their specialty is clearly the burgers. We also tried the pecan pie and an Oreo cupcake and both were really yummy too.

For just pure burgers, Schwartz’s and Big Fernard still edge out HAND for me, but for the dining experience, HAND is definitely on par with Schwartz’s. Check ’em out if you get a chance.

I tried to have another Camion qui Fume burger to give them another chance to impress me but apparently they shut down abruptly at 2pm so I ended up standing in line for almost 10 min before another waiting customer informed me of their being closed and no longer taking orders. Oops.

Still on my burger to-do list: Goody’s (because whenever I am free for lunch in Paris they seem to be in godforesaken Corbevoie or something) and East Side Burgers so I’ll report as soon as I accomplish those dangerous but oh-so-rewarding missions.


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