TV Series: The Walking Dead S03E01 – Rick the Bad-Ass (formerly the Nice Guy)

I am still catching up with Walking Dead at this point because due to all the excellent TV this fall (Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, and Treme), there is just SO much TV to watch. I reviewed S02 yesterday and wanted to just give a quick review of the premiere episode of S03 tonight. Here we see the Rick clan wandering from house to house as sad, ragged scavengers. They all look rather sad and terrorized by Rick who has not forgiven Lori for her unfaithfulness with poor old dead Shane and probably repressing feelings of guilt as to the demise of the latter. The other characters are almost zombies themselves. Once they discover the prison, they seem to come alive again, but this is quickly extinguished by Rick’s drive to clean out the prison areas from walkers and establish a more permanent settlement. We also see Angela with the strange hooded figure from S02E13 who turns out to be handy with a samouri sword in addition to being a little kinky with her two chained and armless zombie bodyguards. Their relationship seems very bizarre with a nearly sexual feel to it. I suppose since she lost Shane, Angela is a bit hot and bothered. However, she seems to be suffering from some unspecified illness and mysteriously says that she will die if they don’t push on…strange. At the end of the episode, we have a Doom-like dark corridor sweep of zombie-filled rooms which ends in tragedy for Herschel and separates Glenn from the group. Are they selfishly trying to sell more product on the App Store? Loads of suspense and slightly better writing in this episode. I am still annoyed that Carol, T-Dog, and Daryl are getting such little character development – will they be killing them off soon so they don’t want to waste screen-time on these characters?

More to come once I watch the season finale of Treme and the penultimate Sons of Anarchy S05.


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