TV Series: Homeland – comparison to Dexter and review of S02 (2012)

I wrote like 4 work blog posts so I am making this short and sweet. I know I owe you a longer post-season analysis for three shows and am falling woefully behind but, hey, I do have a life outside of blogging believe it or not.

DEXTER (Season 4)Peter_QuinnI find that the two Showtime shows I have been watching, Homeland and Dexter, have a few interesting similarities. Both feature very limited nudity (not sure if we saw Hanna’s boobs on Dex and we do see Jessicas’ once in Homeland) and yet some hardcore violence (Dex’s work and the aftereffects of terror and torture on H). But what is even more interesting, both shows feature an ambiguous character that plays a double game named Quinn. On Dex, Officer Quinn is taking mob money while on the force while on Homeland, Quinn pretends to be an innocent FBI member of the anti-terrorist taskforce but in fact is working for Black Ops. I just thought it was weird that two secondary characters with double-timing roles were both named Quinn. I think that Homeland S02 was superior in nearly every way to Dexter S07 but then the finales for both isn’t until this weekend so I’ll have to reserve judgement.

Homeland_S2_PosterWell, I am on a roll so here are some comments about Homeland S02. It was a pretty good season as a follow-up to the blockbuster S01, but I am not sure that I enjoyed it as much. It seemed to me that they flipped Brody too easy (nearly jumping the shark) and that they didn’t dive into Carrie’s craziness as intensely as in S01. Plus, Jessica was so pathetically hopeless (despite being pretty hot) especially with the conversation with Brody on an open line (“Oh what secret stuff is the CIA asking you to do baby?”). I mean there were decents twists in the show…there is the cliff-hanger conclusion on Sunday to look forward to…will Brody bite the big one? Will Carrie go off with Quinn? And how will Saul get revenge on the revolting Estes?


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2 Responses to TV Series: Homeland – comparison to Dexter and review of S02 (2012)

  1. Erik Spierenburg says:

    Hi Fino-

    Really looking forward to the Sunday, me too! Homeland has been an amazing trip, thanks for the tip. Also Deadwood and did you ever try Hell on Wheels? BTW, there is another Quinn with a possible dark twist: Quinn Perkins in Scandal 🙂

    Keep them posts coming, I always enjoy them very much, (and take (some of) your advice 😉 ) even if I do not always react.

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      I haven’t had time to go back and watch Deadwood S03 although it is on my list once these other shows (finally?) end their seasons. Plus I am re-watching all of Breaking Bad and LOVING it. As for Hell on Wheels, I watched season 1 (did I forget to blog about that?) but haven’t had time for S02 yet. And I don’t know the show Scandal. What’s that about?
      Thanks – as always – for the feedback Mr. Spierenburg 🙂

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