TV Series: Sons of Anarchy S05 – Jax takes the gavel…and becomes Clay

sons-of-anarchy-season-5Honestly, I was a little disappointed with S05 of SOA. I didn’t like seeing Opie go – and I know I am not alone in that! – and thought that the death of Damon Pope was a little bit too easy, not to say jumping the shark, given his level of security and paranoia during the rest of the show. It was gratuitous I suppose. Perhaps the actors had other places to go or perhaps they just ran out of lines for them. In any case, I did not like those two deaths. SOA creator Kurt certainly bloodied himself with the murder of the nurse which indirectly provides the climax and cliff-hanger in E13, but I thought that the violence there was also a bit gratuitous. Some things were good in there – Romeo’s character is yet another excellent cameo by Danny Trejo and Jimmy Smit’s Nero continues to impress (well, despite his hangdog loser attitude with Gemma in E11 anyway). I appreciated some of the intrigue and particularly how Jax gets the club unraveled from most of the businesses he didn’t like. But I guess that the finale left a bad taste in my mouth. They introduced the brother of Otto’s victim and then vanished him from the script. OK, so he’ll be back in S06. Or will he? What was the point of that? The last two episodes just seemed rather rushed and we don’t get to relish Jax’s transformation into the gavel-bearer position because of all the pointless back and forth and bickering in the group and his actions seemed to lack any kind of consistency. I mean OK, he is trying to save the Sons but his thirst for revenge against Clay nearly breaks the group apart. Plus, I mean I love Juice but he was supposed to get the Mayhem treatment for his betrayal of the group to the Feds and his murder of Miles – what is up with that? Just suddenly forgotten? I mean Miles wasn’t really a red shirt..well he was a Prospect so I guess a red shirt by title. But come on, all those Nomads at the table didn’t raise suspicion before Clay’s shenanigans? Here sharkey, here! Jump!

The Afterbuzz crew mentioned that the whole tribal aspect of the Sons is what keeps us interested, belonging to a brotherhood and all that. Well, I think I agree that this season, we were in bro-withdrawal and I sure hope that S06, Sutter swings the ball back to S01 and S02 which seem to me to be the best that this show has produced so far.


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